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Start ’Em Right: Raising Little Golfers
Posted May 10, 2012

Golf Granby Ranch Shares Tips for Surviving Your First Family Golf Outing

GRANBY, CO — If mastering your putt or perfecting your drive has been a lifelong quest for you, think how hard swinging clubs is for the average kiddo. Golf Granby Ranch’s new pro, Head Golf Professional Don Campbell, knows that frustration first hand—he’s raising his 4-year-old daughter to be an ace duffer, and has taught junior golf clinics for years.

How do you instill a love of golf—and basic skills—without a meltdown? Campbell dishes his best tips for getting started:

Play with little people. “The best thing is to get your child in a situation with other kids,” says Campbell. “A rec program, junior clinic, golf camp, or even just a lesson will help foster an atmosphere of play with other children, and provide a little healthy competition.”

Don’t hit the links on day one. “That’ll frustrate everyone; they need to get acquainted with the clubs, play with balls, get a feel for hitting first. Hit the chipping or putting practice green instead.”

Get to the good stuff right away. Never mind grip and etiquette; the first thing a little golfer wants to do “is just whack a bunch of balls,” says Campbell.

Make sure they’re ready. “Kids have to be a little motivated; they have to have the emotional maturity to follow instruction and be ready to learn. That could mean age 4, or age 8, depending on the child.”

Helicopter on outta there. “Parents can get too technical with their explanations, and spend too much time one-on-one. Golf is hard; the technical aspects are tedious. Let them learn the basics from a pro, and with other kids.”

Ready to play as a family? Try this:

Go late in the day. “After 4 p.m., the weather is cooler, the sun isn’t as intense, and the pace of play is much slower so you won’t feel pressure to hurry up. By all means avoid a morning game.

Find a practice hole. If you don’t want to be in the mix with other golfers, just hang out at a practice hole. “At Granby Ranch we have two holes dedicated for family play so you can play with no pressure.

Enjoy the process. “The whole experience—the scenery, the weather, driving in the cart, chasing balls, filling divots, and just hanging out as a family is what makes it fun for kids.”

Junior Golf Clinics at Granby Ranch:

Golf Granby Ranch emphasizes accessible and family-friendly golf, and is offering free hour-long golf clinics for kids every Tuesday from 9–10 a.m. www.granbyranch.com. They can also play the chipping and putting greens with a parent for free.

About Granby Ranch

Granby Ranch is a four-season mountain community nestled against the Continental Divide, located only 20 miles from Winter Park, Colorado and the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Home to Ski Granby Ranch, Bike Granby Ranch and Golf Granby Ranch, the community offers chairlift access to thousands of acres of hiking and cross-country trails as well as world-class downhill mountain biking, a championship golf course, miles of gold-medal fishing and the friendliest family ski mountain around.

With homesites from under $100,000, Granby Ranch is the ultimate family mountain community, with a variety of cabin, condominium and single-family home neighborhoods surrounded by protected open space overlooking wilderness and wildlife areas. Homes and lodging reflect the rich history of this rustic Colorado mountain community, with neighborhoods connected by trails instead of sidewalks, ensuring that kids grow up with an adventure around every corner. Visit www.granbyranch.com for lodging options, activities, or to learn more about owning a mountain home at Granby Ranch.

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