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Fitting or Lessons? Which is Best for You?
Posted October 23, 2020

By Nate Norris
DIVOT Contributing Writer

I have been a full-time golf coach and fitter for 15 years now and the number one question I get is “Should I get fit or take a lesson?”. The truthful answer is probably both, but they achieve different things for you. Understanding how each one is designed to help you is important in your decision.

In short, new clubs help the ball go further and lessons help the ball go straighter. When you go anywhere for a club fitting, you can expect the fitter to optimize the club for launch, spin and turf interaction.

There are very few things that we can do to a club to stop a big curve in one direction or another. Yes, manufacturers are getting much better at building in slice and hook prevention into their clubs, but we can only adjust the face angle and gear effect of the club so much. We cannot adjust for a swing path that hits the ball with a glancing blow. In fact, as a fitter, If I put too much draw bias correction into a driver for a slicer, they will just hit a big pull to the left, not a straight ball.

What creates a curve is a difference between the path and the club face. You know that shot that you hit where the ball flies out perfectly straight and then takes a hard right and curves out of bounds? That isn’t caused by a club face that is open to the target. In fact, the face was pretty square to the target. The path is cutting across the back of the ball from outside to inside and spinning the ball sideways.

There is not a club in the world that can fix that swing path issue. The same thing is true for a big hook to the left. Any time the club hits the ball with a GLANCING blow you will get curve, no matter the club.

Build this practice station at the range and see if you can swing through the headcovers and hit the ball with your normal swing. If you can’t make it through without hitting something, pay attention to which headcover you hit and find a coach to help you fix it.

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