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Denver Golf Expo The Show is Growing!
Posted October 10, 2019

Just Play! Is the theme for the 2020 Denver Golf Expo and our number one goal is to get people thinking about golf earlier, which is one of the reasons we hold the Denver Golf Expo in February. The thinking is… if we can give avid golfers a great golf experience, get a new club in their hands, give them a swing lesson, or get them thinking about golf in a new way it will encourage occasional and avid golfers to get out on the course as soon as they get the chance and perhaps play more rounds for the year. Well, something is working right. The 2019 event increased in both attendance and exhibit size which bodes well for the 2020.

The Denver Golf Expo is again perfectly positioned this year to be the week following the Super Bowl when sports fans are asking themselves, “Now what do I do?” Every year the Denver Golf Expo with help from the Colorado Section of the PGA, the CGA, CWGA, JGAC and exhibitors like you, attempt to kick start the golf season by getting golfers excited early about the game we all love.

Make your plans to join us February 7-9, 2020 at The Denver Mart. Be there to see why the Denver Golf Expo is considered to be one of the top consumer golf expos in the country. For 2020, there’ll be more golf contests, more golf giveaways and more golf merchandise than you can “shake a golf stick at!”
Exhibitor registration is now open!

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