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Ladies... Are Your Golf Gloves Costing You Strokes?
Posted July 13, 2019

You wouldn’t compromise your game by playing the wrong shaft flex, but are you sacrificing strokes by wearing the wrong sized glove?

Industry studies show half of all golfers are wearing the wrong sized glove. So, chances are, YOU are without knowing it.
Wearing a proper fitting glove is as important as playing with a fitted driver. Your glove is your only connection to your clubs. Don’t compromise it!

Until recently, there was only one standard glove sizing model for women. Nailed Golf, a leader in the women’s golf glove industry, has created the second sizing model, which was previously overlooked.

Women’s standard size gloves are designed for women who have proportional hands, while Nailed Golf’s elongated gloves are designed for women with longer fingers or manicured nails. Both women’s sizing models have comparable palm widths specifically for the feminine hand. However, the elongated gloves have additional length on the fingers.

Men’s standard size gloves are designed for the typical male hand. Cadet gloves are designed for men who have shorter fingers coupled with wider palms.

Because of the difference in palm and finger widths, most women should NOT wear men’s gloves.

Look at your golf glove as an important piece of gear, and not solely an accessory. Finding the proper fitting glove is vital to playing your best.

Your glove must feel like a second skin. It should feel snug from the palm of your hand through the tips of your fingers. Ensure that there is ample space at tips for finger movement so that there is no pressure on your tips when you flex your hand. However, you do not want excess material at the tips of your fingers either.

Your glove should be close-fitting and lie flat on your palm with no excess bulky material. However, you must ensure it is not so snug that it is taut.

The tab can be under or over-synched up to ½ inch, to allow for room to adjust with wear. If you are between sizes, consider the smaller glove.

Your glove is your only connection to your clubs and needs to be treated like the indispensable piece of equipment it is.
Excess material on your palm will cause inconsistency in your grip and rob you of your feel. A glove too small can cause blisters and one too large can lead to chafing and blisters.

An oversized glove will cause both slippage and inconsistent shots.

A properly fitted glove will enhance your grip and swing which translate to power, distance, and consistency. It is imperative that you find the glove with optimal fit and feel.

If the standard glove sizing model doesn’t fit you like a second skin, check out the new elongated sizing model available at www.nailedgolf.com.

It’s time to find your perfect fit glove and start playing your best golf!

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