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Simply Putting Delivers Unparalleled Golf Experience With the Launch of Pro Putt Mobile App
Posted July 13, 2019

Simply Putting, a mobile app that propels technology innovation within golf, announces the launch of Pro Putt. A competitive system within the Simply Putting app, Pro Putt gives fans a true taste of the sport and offers users the chance to putt against professional golfers during televised golf tournaments. By merging the virtual and real world, this marks the first time a mobile app will interact with a televised golf event in real time.

The Pro Putt feature will launch in time for the 2019 United States Open Championship, scheduled to be played June 13–16 at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California. Users will have their choice of competing against any of the professional golfers in the tournament at the course’s most iconic 7th and 17th holes.

“Pro Putt gives golfers of every level a chance to truly connect with the game and appreciate what pros endure as they putt some of the sport’s toughest courses,” says Ryan Engle, Founder and CEO of Simply Putti]ng. “There is no better feeling in golf than sinking a putt and we’re happy to bring that sense of elation to fans as they compete against their favorite professionals on the world’s stage.”

Built for iOS mobile devices, Simply Putting uses easy controls and compelling graphics to help enhance the putting experience and master one of the most unique aspects of the game. Innovative and visually stimulating, users are placed in a 3-­D-­enhanced environment of an actual golf course. Arrows on the slopes depict contours of the green and virtual lines that represent the path of the ball are incorporated with ball physics to deliver a realistic user experience.

“Putting becomes complicated because generally, you spend the least amount of time practicing, but it’s the quickest way to improve a score,” says Jason Clevering, President of Simply Putting. “Simply Putting removes the physical putter and ball from the equation of “practicing putting” and brings golfers a rich user experience that makes it feel like you’re actually putting on the green. You can practice putting anytime and anywhere.”

In addition to improving a player’s putting game on and off the course, Simply Putting stokes friendly competition with a competition system that allows users to earn “putt coins” by challenging friends and entering multiplayer putting matches. Putt coins will also give access to a variety of digital events and global challenges that lead to invitational and qualifying rounds for major tournaments and tours.

Pro Putt, a part of Simply Putting, is available in the iTunes App store.

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