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Overland Golf Course Recovers Well After Grandoozy Music Festival
grandoozy music festival
Posted November 07, 2018

Overland Park Golf Course had a smooth reopening for golfers after restoration of the site following the 3-day Grandoozy Music Festival held on September 14-16. According to Denver City Officials, the damage was less than expected and only about 1 acre of sod had to be replaced after the festival.

Here’s the Numbers:
• 55,000 attended the festival over the 3 day event
• The city will receive approximately $840,000 from Grandoozy. About $240,000 of that will go to reimbursements for things like the golf course being closed and expenses incurred by the city. A little more than $300,000 will go to golf, $135,000 will go to the neighborhood and another $135,000 will be allocated to general parks
• Much of the money received from this event will go to golf course improvements, park improvements and neighborhood infrastructure and improvements
• Grandoozy utilized only 1/3 of the golf course during the festival

City Officials were pleased with the festival and the recovery of the golf course. “The damage afterward was minimal compared to what we were potentially expecting, so that was a good thing,” said Denver director of golf Scott Rethlake.

“We did have some rain during load-in that caused some challenges, but we overcame those, so I don’t feel like there is anything we couldn’t overcome.”

“We’re really happy, relieved and pleased that the course is looking great,” said David Ehrlich, Executive Producer for Superfly. “… From our perspective, the festival went really well. I think we captured the vibe that we were trying to capture. It was very happy crowd, a very upbeat crowd, people shared a lot of special moments. We couldn’t have gotten there without the tremendous work of a ton of city employees and the neighborhood.”

Over the next few months, the city and festival organizers will be meeting to review how the festival went this year and deciding on whether it will be held again next year.

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