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2018 Dodge Challenger GT
Posted July 31, 2018

It‘s normal to think that a muscle car has an aggressive look, a big engine, rear-wheel drive, and a tiny back seat. Well Dodge wants you to think different when it comes to the 2018 Challenger GT. Even though you'd never be able to tell that the GT is different from other Challengers just by looking at it, this new Challenger offers owners the option of driving in all four seasons. With the smaller V6 engine and all-wheel drive, this is the first real attempt by any automaker to turn a retro muscle car into a real winter-capable vehicle.

Like all Challengers, the GT feels big when you drive it, but the added all-wheel drive traction provides more stability and security. And yes, it has enough power to impress but not so much that you find yourself continually getting into trouble. The front wheels can accept up to 38 percent of the power, but it's rear-biased most of the time.

The ride is a little on the firm side, but personally that’s what I like. The GT will get to 60 in six-seconds, which is decent given its additional AWD weight and smaller V6 engine. Just don't try to drag race other muscle cars, unless it's in the snow.

The brake pedal feel is good, and the steering is surprisingly precise with good feedback. Even though the GT is heavy, the performance suspension provides responsive handling and makes it easy to take corners at higher speeds.

Muscle cars might seem behind the times when it comes to tech but the 2018 Challenger has done more than catch up. Uconnect 4C is one of the best systems out there and the menus are designed well. Physical controls are big and easy to use while driving, especially audio and climate controls.

As you can see by the pic above, this vehicle has the same iconic muscle car look with its bulging rear haunches, hood vents, and large circular headlights. The front end bears the exact same look as the Challenger SXT with the slim twin grille, and overhanging hoodline which provides a hint of evil.

Muscle cars typically do not provide much room, but the Challenger GT actually does very well compared to the competition. And yes, it will hold you and your playing partners golf clubs.

The base price is just over $33K.
For more information please visit www.dodge.com/challenger

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