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There’s no reason to winterize your golf game
Posted January 20, 2018

Oh, the wintertime in Colorado! We all love our Denver winters: fresh fallen snow, hitting the ski slopes, terrible traffic on I-25. Okay, maybe we don’t love all aspects of winter here in Denver. The truth is, as soon as the white stuff starts to fall some of us start counting down the days till we can hit the greens again.

Well there’s no reason to winterize your golf game in Denver. In just an hour and 40 minutes you can be in one of the most spectacular year-round desert golf destinations, St. George, Utah. You’ve probably heard about the amazing courses there like Sand Hollow and the Troon property, Entrada. What you may not have heard is that daily direct flights from DEN to SGU make getting there a cinch. Just a short aeronautical hop, skip and a jump over the Rockies, puts you in a palm tree desert golf oasis, any time of the year.

10 courses in a 10-mile radius make St. George an ideal place for golf groups and weekend getaways. Who wants to leave the hustle and bustle of the Denver Metro area just to sit in more traffic trying to get to a golf course? In St. George, all the courses are within a 15-minute drive. No more traffic, no more pollution, just blue skies, sunshine and open fairways. Sounds pretty good right about now, huh?

The other thing most Coloradans don’t know is how amazingly affordable St. George Golf is. At most desert golf destinations you expect to pay upwards of $250 for the premier course in the area. Sand Hollow, Entrada, Coral Canyon are about half that, even in peak season. The Red Rock Golf Trail is an extremely helpful service provided by the local tourism office to help interested golfers get the inside scoop on which courses to play and how to get some great deals on Stay & Play packages. They’ve got top quality hotels as well as condos and vacation rentals right on the course. So whether you’re looking for the 5-star treatment at Entrada, or the quick low-cost weekend getaway, they’ve got you covered.

Don’t be fooled by the affordable green fees. As golfers we often shop golf courses like we shop hotels. You might search for a room between $50-$150. No one really wants the $50 room because you know exactly what you get for that. You scroll past to the properties around $100 because you’re more confident that your overall experience will be worth it. The same is true of selecting courses when you travel to play golf. A $50 golf course must not be worth playing otherwise they’d charge more. On the Red Rock Golf Trail that just doesn’t hold true. You can get on some of the most scenic and well-maintained courses for around $65: courses with elevated tees, fun green complexes and incredible scenery with red rock features literally built into every course. I mean seriously, just look at the pictures.

So whether you’re shooting around a boulder at Dixie Red Hills, across a red rock canyon at Green Spring, or along the cliffs edge of Sand Hollow, you’ll be left with an unforgettable experience that will leave you dreaming about Red Rock Golf for the rest of the year.

Besides tremendous golf, the St. George area is packed with outdoor adventure to keep your golf group happy after you finish the morning round. Zion National Park is only a 40-minute drive and is one of the nation’s top five most popular parks. If you haven’t been, definitely plan an extra day to experience it up close. I often tell golfers planning to come to St. George to make sure to pack their golf shoes and their hiking shoes. You’ll need them both. Sorry, no golf carts on the hiking trails.

Or double up your interests and hit some of the world-renowned mountain biking trails in the area. Really, the tracks are so nice that many mountain biking events make their home in St. George. Even the ultimate event in mountain biking, the Red Bull Rampage attracts top pros from around the world to shred some incredible tracks and cut new lines, pushing the limits of mountain biking. Gooseberry Mesa, the Jem Trail, Bearclaw Poppy and Holy Guacamole are just a few to start with.

Don’t be confused, the red rocks of West Denver are one of our favorite features in the state, but it’s hard to compare to the year-round ongoing grandeur of St. George, Utah and the Red Rock Golf Trail. So when you’re tired of the snow, just remember the only “white stuff” flying in St. George, are golf balls down the fairway.

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