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If you look good, you play better
Posted January 20, 2018

Birdie Babe Golf was started in 2011 by Jill Beyer when she couldn’t find cute women’s golf equipment to stock their pro shop. The Beyers own a small executive golf course and wanted to encourage women to play. When she started researching, the more she realized there was not a lot of girly golf bags available, and the few available were big, heavy, old-fashioned cart bags, and often very expensive. Or they were just a guys version with a little pink thrown in.

Having witnessed through the girl’s golf team that practices at their course, and local women’s leagues, girls and women seem more engaged in the game if they have fun stuff to wear and use and like when playing with their friends. Women are the future of growing the game, and Birdie Babe thinks it is especially important to encourage girls and women to play and have fun.

So coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and being one her whole life, Jill decided on a cold January day in Minnesota, to start a golf bag business.  “How hard can that be, right?  Well, let’s just say I learned a lot!”  After much research and interviewing women and going through several redesigns, she figured out women usually take carts and if they walk, usually use pull carts, so a traditional carry bag wasn’t the focus. However, women also like bags that are lightweight and they like the stand, so they would often buy a carry bag because of those features, even though they had no intention of carrying them except from their car. Thus, the “hybrid” bag was born.

It has all the features of a cart bag and a stand bag rolled into one, with lots of pockets and a large insulated cooler. The bags also have a stand, which is handy for those who aren’t lucky enough to live on a golf course and have to lug their bags around. Nothing worse than pulling your bag out of the car and setting it down and having it fall over and damage your expensive clubs. For those who want a more traditional bag (though nothing is “traditional” about Birdie Babe golf bags), they have the new cart bag that also weighs just 5 pounds, with 14 full length dividers, lots of pockets for all your necessities, and even a cooler pocket for your “birdie juice”.

So now, even if you are more of a “bogey babe”, you can get your inner “birdie babe” on and look great on the course, and most importantly, have fun! Because, as Jill says, “if you look good, you play better, and if you don’t play better, well, you still look good!”

For more information on Birdie Babe Golf please call 218-568-4111 or visit their website at www.birdiebabegolf.com.

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