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GOLF RULES ILLUSTRATED 2012-2015 The Official Illustrated Guide to the Rules of Golf
Posted February 23, 2012

Golf Rules Illustrated 2012-2015, published in association with the United States Golf Association, contains every rule in one of the world's most popular games, including all the new and revised Rules that come into play as of January 2012. Last published in 2008, this new, updated edition is fully redesigned with over 100 illustrations for easy reference and will help you to better understand the game of golf, no matter what your level of play.

With a quick guide, FAQs and all-new incidents, images and artwork, this clear, detailed book allows you to come to terms with even the most difficult situations quickly and easily. Obstructions, bunkers, out of bounds, lost balls, unplayable lies, water hazards, loose impediments, and casual water are just a few of the rules that are illustrated and addressed.

Compiled by the USGA with Rules Incidents by Dr. Lewis Blakely and Gary Galyean, Golf Rules Illustrated will give you clear, easily discernable, visual answers to the many problems and questions that arise on the course. Over 400,000 copies have sold worldwide since 2000.
Also publishing in 2012 is the USGA’s Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2012-2013, which clarifies ambiguities that might arise from the Rules.

Publishing March 7, 2012 - $19.95

About the USGA
The USGA conducts the US Open, US Women’s Open and US Senior Open, as well as 10 national amateur championships, two state team championships, and international matches. Together with The R&A, the USGA governs the game worldwide, jointly administering the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, Equipment Standards, and World Amateur Golf Rankings. The USGA’s working jurisdiction comprises the United States, its territories and Mexico.

The USGA is a global leader in the development and support of sustainable golf course management practices. It serves as a primary steward for the game’s history and funds an ongoing “For the Good of the Game” grants program. Additionally, the USGA’s Course Rating and Handicap systems are use on six continents in more than 50 countries.

For additional information about the USGA or rules contained in this book, please visit www.usga.org or contact Daniel Hubbard, Assistant Director, Communications,
908-234-2300 dhubbard@usga.org

Golf Rules Illustrated: The Official illustrated Guide to the Rules of Golf
Compiled by the United States Golf Association
Hamlyn/Octopus/March 7, 2012
$19.95/Paperback/192 pages
Over 150 artworks and 50 photographs
ISBN 978 0 600 62343 4

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