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Royce Leather Launches Luxurious Golf Shoe & Accessory Bag
Posted February 01, 2012

Secaucus, New Jersey –

With the golf season and Father’s day within sight, Royce Leather has launched a striking leather golf shoe and accessory bag to meet the demands of the increasingly popular sport.

An outstanding gift for any golf lover and a status symbol in the clubhouse, this is a luxurious reinterpretation of the classic golf shoe bag.

The bag is produced with the highest quality top grain Nappa cowhide and tanned conservatively in black or coco to merely complement the hide’s natural beauty.

Large vented side pocket stores golf shoes in their own interior compartment, with additional pockets on the inside for 3 golf balls and plenty of tees as well as two additional large pockets. Lightweight at 1 pound 2 ounces and spacious with 15.25” x 7” x 6.5”, maximizes durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

Names, initials or corporate logo can be elegantly debossed into the bag as a unique, individual touch.

“The golf shoe and accessory bag is a testament to the exceptional workmanship of Royce Leather’s artisans. Most notably, Royce has remained firm in its commitment to respecting the natural look of the hide and this is evident as we have worked painstakingly to only enhance the hide’s color,” explains Marketing Director Billy Bauer.

About Royce Leather

Since 1974 with the advent of its bestselling top grain Nappa cowhide passport case, Royce Leather has grown to a prominent position in the luxury travel goods market. Keeping in mind the vision of its originator Eugene Bauer who brought Austrian aesthetics to the American leather market in 1944, Royce Leather is the proud producer of timeless elegance.

Media Contact: Billy Bauer, Director of Marketing billy@royceleathergifts.com

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